“Green Building” is a term often employed without much justification… In order to be truly green in one’s approach to whatever building project is undertaken one must carefully consider a variety of factors and how each affects the other as well as the relative validity of a given product, construction detail or approach used for the task at hand.

Maximizing energy efficiency; within reasonable financial constraints, is one way to reach green objectives. If done properly it not only increases the comfort and livability of the space but also reduces energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint of the building and it’s occupants – which in itself is a worthwhile objective.

There are many, many products to choose from and potentially include in any building project from FSC certified lumber, insulation made with recycled materials, locally sourced sustainably produced materials, low or zero VOC finishes, energy efficient lighting and appliances to high efficiency plumbing fixtures and sustainable water usage practices – the list goes on endlessly….

We are a qualified Net Zero Builder and Net Zero Renovator and I am a Certified Passive House Tradesperson so we are conversant with the means by which you can achieve better building standards in terms of energy efficiency, building durability and sustainability and lower embodied and operational carbon.

It has been my experience that carefully considered design and construction detailing, materials and product selection are among the best ways to reach green building objectives. One aspect however of achieving sustainable, green building – often overlooked; is simply the quality of the workmanship itself. If built well, homes and other structures can reasonably be expected to last many generations and continue to perform efficiently with a minimum of repairs or renovations. In this way we serve not only the environment but also history in that we can say: “When we build, let us think that we build forever” (John Ruskin).

I’d be pleased to help you build your forever home or renovate your current one…give me a call.





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