I contacted The Lanark Design Build Group to discuss screening in part of my porch. I didn’t know how much of the porch to screen or what the end result should look like. It turned out better than I could have imagined. It certainly looks like it belongs to the house. 
We were impressed with the overall vision as well as the attention to detail. The LDBG workers are hardworking and friendly, and you can tell they enjoy their work. We enjoyed being able to participate as well with our wood-staining skills. That made a nice hands-on summer project for us, so although the porch is just finished, it already comes with happy memories. 
The level of communication through the stages of the project was excellent. The initial quote was very detailed, and the interim bills very clear, and the final cost of the project came in exactly as quoted. They also never hesitated to stop and explain the details of the construction and design elements. I highly recommend them!
Margaret Anttila  Oct. 11, 2017

“Thanks for everything. It was great working with you. And again want to thank you for my roof; it has truly been a blessing this year with the amount of rain we’ve been getting. You have no idea how relieved I am to have a good roof done with your high standard of work.”
Kayleigh Prodonick
August 2017

From Cynthia & David Orman:

“The Lanark Design/Build Group built a full bathroom for us in our basement, to give bathroom access to the occupants of the two basement bedrooms. Our home was built in 1995 to a high standard (R-2000+), and we wanted to achieve the same high standard with this project. LDBG met our expectations by providing construction expertise that includes an eye for pleasing design features as well as great attention to detail. The estimate left nothing out, and their interim bills were equally detailed. In addition, the final cost came in at within $1.50 of the estimate! The LDBG crew members were hardworking and committed to the task, and a pleasure to have around. They fitted in completely, but unobtrusively, with our household — both people and animals! We can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Jan. 18, 2017

We contracted Mark Tritton (LDBG) for 2 projects over the past 2 years(2015-16). The first was for the design and complete (plumbing, electrical, heating, windows and doors all replaced) renovation of our summer cottage into a year-round residence. The renovation included making 2 additions to the building as well as adding 2 decks. The 2nd project done in the 2nd year was to design and build a new detached 2 car garage with sleeping quarters built in the 2nd floor.
Mark worked very closely with us during the design phase to deliver plans that met our needs and wants as closely as possible. He was very patient with us and dealt with every question and suggestion in an open and honest fashion. Final decisions were always ours to make but he always gave us the benefit of his experience and knowledge prior to finalizing plans. The plans he delivered to us were computer generated and were detailed enough to use as building blue prints. Once plans were completed and detailed costing for all aspects of the projects were provided, we were able to customize the contracts to include or exclude certain aspects of the project. For example, in our case, we decided to do most of the painting ourselves and therefore this work was excluded from the contract. Mark was very open to us making such changes.
The construction phase was long and fell behind schedule as often is the case when the contractor has to deal with multiple sub-contractors. Mark kept us appraised of progress and we always knew when and why there were holdups. Most of the delays were beyond his control. We received invoices throughout the building phase and all invoices were clear and detailed. Mark was always prepared to discuss or explain any item in his invoices. We never had cause to reject any invoices received. Actual costs agreed very closely with the initial project costing and we feel the costs were fair. As construction proceeded, we often changed our minds about how something was to be done or extra work was simply added on. Again, Mark was very open to all these changes.
The work Mark and his workers has done for us is of the highest quality and we are very pleased with the outcome of both projects. We know that all his work will stand the test of time. As with any project there are always  problems with some of the work (mostly that of sub-contractors) that were caught during and after construction. Any such problems that were brought to Marks attention were resolved in a reasonable time frame and usually at no cost to us. In resolving problems, Mark would always choose to make a correction the right way rather than looking for a cheaper short cut. He pays close attention to details and always tries to make things better.
The workers that Mark employs are hard working and honest. They seem to enjoy their work and are always willing to put in long hours. Mark keeps a close eye on their work and they have benefited from his knowledge, experience and strong work ethic. We are very pleased with the outcome of both projects and will not hesitate to use his services again in the future.
Robert and Gloria Mears


Mark Tritton

Lanark Design/Build Group

I would like to thank you and your LDBG team for the significant role you played in modernizing our kitchen this past summer. You were a key member of the team that turned a dated 1970s kitchen into a modern, open, warm, welcoming spot that is the centre of the house.

When we contacted you in the spring of 2016 we were looking for someone experienced working with older structures and who would appreciate the original tin ceiling which is a key feature of the room. We immediately liked your approach and your philosophy towards building. You were able to assure us that the structural upgrades could be done without affecting the integrity of the original kitchen features.

We appreciated the detailed estimate you provided (and invoices that followed) and how responsive you were to our questions and concerns throughout the project. Your daily visits allowed ample opportunity for discussion and, on occasion, resolving problems that arose during the project.

Your team, including the sub-trades, was incredible. The crew was dedicated, knowledgeable, meticulous and very considerate of the household occupants.  

We are very happy with the work that was done and would recommend the Lanark Design/Build Group without hesitation.


Peter Martin and Susan Roberts

Fallbrook, Ontario

December 2016

Lanark Design/Build Group
Mark Tritton
Perth, ON

Dear Mr. Tritton

My name is Nicola Oddy, and I’m writing on behalf of “Family and Friends” at Lanark Lodge. Our  role is to make the lives of our family members more fulfilled, and you’ve just helped us with the biggest project we’ve ever been involved with.

I’m writing to thank you on behalf of Family and Friends, from the bottom of our hearts, for sending three men to the building site of the Tay River Pathway yesterday. Your generosity is so so appreciated!   Ben, Brad and Josh represented you extremely well.  They worked on the boardwalk section of the project and it’s getting close now!  

This wheelchair accessible pathway will be for the enjoyment of the whole community. We’re so excited to be able to take our loved ones to the river to experience the sights, smells and sounds of nature again in their lives!

Thank-you so much for contributing to the pathway and for helping us to give the residents something back in their lives that otherwise is no longer available to them.  It’s an incredible gift.


Nicola Oddy and Dianne Czerwinski

Lanark Lodge Council of Family and Friends

Tay River Pathway

Lanark Lodge, August 2016

“I interviewed several potential general contractors to step in and pick up from a mess left behind from my previous one.  Mark was, hands-down, the best pick and I was not disappointed!  The Lanark Design/Build Group (LDBG) Inc. team was incredible.  Mark and his team were polite, clean and extremely skilled at their trade.  I was amazed to see them come out in all sorts of weather and their dedication even saw them show up on New Year’s Day to complete a task.  The attention to detail and pride that they take in their trade was truly a work of art. 

Something I have learned over the course of my build in dealing with the various trades was the lack of interaction or response to any inquiries and subsequent delays.  This was NOT the case with LDBG.  I was responded to promptly, with patience and respect.    

The LDBG team provides a very professional, high caliber of work and I would unreservedly recommend them and would be happy to provide my name as a reference.  You will not be disappointed in choosing them for your job.”

Judi Bruce, June 2015

“Since my first visit to the construction site of the new building at the Tisarana Monastery, I was impressed by the quality of work that you and your team had developed. Knowing that this well built structure will be a place where Venerable Ajahn Viradhammo and the Sangha community can benefit for the greater good, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done”
Yours Sincerely,
Pisan Manawapat Ambassador
Royal Thai Embassy Ottawa
November 2014 


“As an architect I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Tritton of The Lanark Design/Build Group on both my architectural projects as well as some of my personal property.

I have been in practice as a partner in a well established architectural firm for over 25 years and currently in this practice for over 6 years. I have gained a whole gamut of experience over the years working with good, bad and indifferent general contractors, but I am happy to state, in my opinion, that Mark and the Lanark Design/Build Group surpass all others in the high quality of work that they produce. They have a dedication to detail together with a preparedness to go the extra mile to achieve the higher standard that he and the company expect from themselves.

I have, and will continue, to recommend Mark Tritton & The Lanark Design/Build Group to my other clients, knowing that they will continue to produce quality work, economically and within time constraints. Selfishly this also reflects on my business and enhances the credibility of the construction business as a whole.

I wish Mark and his company every success .”

Yours Truly
Eddie Edmundson
B.J.Edmundson Architect Inc.
May 2011


To whom it may concern:

“The Lanark Design/Build Group built our house in 2009.Their workmanship is outstanding and every thing was on time.

They confirmed their estimate at each level as they built the home and fully discussed all changes with us. We came in on budget.

I would certainly recommend The Lanark Design/Build Group.”


Heather Buxcey


In 2008 I had requested quotes for the construction of a cottage on the Big Rideau Lake. The quote would cover the demolition of the current cottage (a small frame cottage that had been originally a dry boathouse) and the building of a 1 1/2 story, 4 season, slab on grade cottage. Mark Tritton was the only contractor who quoted with a multi-page, typed, professionally detailed document that made it clear that I could work with this contractor to get the job done the way I had imagined. All quotes should be thought of as “the best beginning document” that can be discussed and as the job progresses minor adjustments in detail and cost will be considered normal. This was the case with Mark Tritton… no surprises and lots of communication ongoing. Mark prides himself as an “over-builder” which means that his structures surpass the regular building codes but not to the point of passing on an undisclosed expense to the client. Mark is quite clear about his plans to build for you. I would recommend Mark Tritton’s workmanship to anyone who wishes to have a quality job done and at the completion of the project to be satisfied with the fairness of the relationship to further recommend his work to others.
 Paul Crampton


August 26, 2005.

Mr. Jim Taggart
Tamarack Development Corporation 3187 Albion Road South,
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Taggart:

We recently purchased a Tamarack Home in Havenlea and as with any new home, we have experienced some “fine tuning” to the house since we moved in. The experience could have been very stressful if it had not been for one of the servicemen, Mark Tritton of The Lanark Design/Build Group.

Mark has been superlative in carrying out the work needed in our home and his wealth of knowledge in construction is apparent when it comes to tackling a problem. He displays a superb level of professionalism and dedication, he has an unique way of defusing what could be an otherwise stressful situation, he is courteous at all times and most importantly, he takes an immense pride in his craft and workmanship. This was evident when Mark was still attending our house well after quitting time to make sure our repair was completed.Thanks to Mark’s care and workmanship the aftermath of the PDI and ensuing “fine tunings” have been less stressful to both myself and my wife.

We do hope that you realize what a valuable asset Mark and The Lanark Design/Build Group are to the Taggart Group and especially to Tamarack Homes.

We hope the Taggart Group has a contractor recognition program and that Mark and his company are considered for it. They deserve recognition for caring about the houses, the homeowners and the level of service they provide.

Yours truly,

David and Bell Byrne
114 Whetstone Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 7C3




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