I am of the opinion that excellent results are derived from not only well developed skills but shared values. As such our Team is:

Accountable – everyone does their part to ensure the successful outcome of whatever it is we’re working on.

Collaborative – we work to each other’s strengths and learn from one another.

Focused – we’re focused on excellent results and continued learning and skills development.

Flexible – we are flexible enough to be able to adapt to a Client’s needs throughout the course of their project.

Dependable – we’re dependable; you can always rely on us to do as we say and strive to do more.

Balanced – we aim to have a great work/life balance.

Caring – we care about each other, our work and Clients and; on a broader scale, about the impact our work has on our community and the planet.


Of note… in order to ensure ongoing skills and knowledge development every one of our team has the following certifications:


Indoor Air Quality, Wellness & Humidity (EnerQuality)

Net Zero Building Science (EnerQuality)

Net Zero Builder Training (EnerQuality)

Net Zero Renovator Training (EnerQuality)

Advanced Building Science (EnerQuality)

NAIMA Insulation & Air Sealing Training Program

NAIMA Canada and Building Knowledge Canada – Air Barriers for Professionals

Part 9: Air Barrier/Air Tightness (EnerQuality)

Energy Star for New Homes V17 Builder Training (EnerQuality)


We work collaboratively with Architects, Designers and Engineers and a host of Trades and Suppliers in order to successfully design and bring your project to completion.



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